How to Play

Play here:

  1. Get $SUI tokens: Obtain $SUI tokens through crypto exchanges or swaps.

  2. Connect your wallet: Use a compatible crypto wallet like SUI Wallet and connect it to Sui Coin Flip.

  3. Select your bet option for the coin flip: Choose heads or tails

  4. Set your bet amount: select the number of $SUI tokens you wish to bet. Click on the whale icon to unlock higher bet amounts.

  5. Confirm the transaction: Review and confirm the details through your connected wallet

  6. Await the result: The smart contract will determine the outcome on the blockchain using Sui Networks on-chain randomness function.

  7. If you win, you will automatically receive double your original bet amount, minus DeSuiLabs fees. If you lose, you will not be charged, but you will lose your initial bet amount.

  8. Play responsibly: Set limits, gamble with caution, and enjoy the game responsibly.

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